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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The ‘So What’ Of The Quantified Self

Assuming that each of us has a picture of the “real world superhero” we want to become someday, then the optimal way to level up and reach that goal begins with the ability to measure and score our lives. Thankfully, new technologies in mainstream gadgets like iPhones and the Nike+ enable this kind of measurement,…

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Going Green: Investing In Consumer Focused Energy Tech

In recent years, the revolutionary opportunities in the energy sector have attracted billions of dollars from early stage venture investors. But the venture world has learned some hard lessons on the difficulty of building energy businesses: they face science risk, often take a long time to scale and can be capital intensive.   While the…

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All The World’s A Game

As a lifelong gamer, I grew up fascinated with role-playing games, from pen-and-paper fantasy worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, to computer-based RPGs like Ultima and Wizardry. I’ve spent thousands of hours crafting and “leveling up” dozens of alternate personas, tuning their stats and experience point allocations across various character traits, and charting their virtual careers….

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The Big Deal On Big Data

In tech circles, the new paradigm of handling massive volumes of information has dominated the discussion about the future of enterprise for a while now. Two years ago, a cover story in The Economist offered tips on how to prepare for the “new world” of Big Data. As recently as February 12, the New York Times reported…

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Big Data Meets Ad Tech

By Tim Chang and Tim Hanlon, CEO, Vertere Group The brand ad market is massive (multi-multi $B), with 67% of worldwide ad spend in branding. However only 25% of digital ad spend is in branding and the online brand ad market is still relatively primitive for these reasons: No standards or consistent measures of “success”…

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