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6 Reasons Why Digital Health Startups Will Fail (Obamacare Repeal Won’t Be One Of Them)

6 Reasons Why Digital Health Startups Will Fail

It’s a confusing time for digital health startups. In the wake of a campaign that heatedly debated the value of Obamacare, many are now wondering what the potential repeal of the American Care Act will mean for health tech entrepreneurs. In a Trump administration, where do we stand? The President-elect has stated that he wants…

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Our Advice to Start-Up CEOs

When Ursheet Parikh sold his company StorSimple in 2012 to Microsoft, it was one of the largest deals in the cloud infrastructure sector to date. But that wasn’t the only thing unusual about it. It was also a fairly large deal for which he played the banker and negotiated the deal. This is not unheard of,…

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