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James Currier Chris Michel 2016 BW

Choose your people first: Season 2 Ep 5 James Currier

James Currier focuses on building businesses with network effects, but he builds those businesses by choosing the right people first. Currier started as a schoolboy entrepreneur, selling worms to fishermen at six and later selling boxer shorts in college. After getting started in venture capital, Currier founded a series of companies and incubators that took advantage of network effects…

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Making Sense of Digital Media: Season 2 Ep 4 Jonah Goodhart

Jonah Goodhart started his entrepreneurial journey while still in college at Cornell University. What started out a bit haphazardly with an email list turned into solid learning opportunities that have informed his business decisions along the way. After the acquisition of his second company, Right Media by Yahoo in 2007, Goodhart decided to go in…

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Passion cannot be short term: Season 2 Ep 3 Rehan Jalil

Rehan Jalil came to the US to attend graduate school and then took a job at Sun Microsystems, accidentally ending up in Silicon Valley that would be the base for the rest of his career. Recognizing that he wanted to make a positive impact on the world, he started his entrepreneurial journey by founding WiChorus,…

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The Kitchen Sink Cabinet: Season 2 Ep 2 Manish Chandra

Manish Chandra is founder and CEO of Poshmark. As a serial entrepreneur, he also founded Kaboodle in 2005, one of the industry’s first social shopping sites, which was acquired by Hearst, and prior to that, he served in executive roles at several foundational technology companies. On this episode of Chat with Champions, Navin Chaddha welcomes Manish to discuss…

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The Accidental Entrepreneur: Season 2 Ep1 Jake Winebaum

Jake Winebaum (, founder & CEO of Brighter (, a Saas-enabled dental marketplace, has been a serial entrepreneur for 35 years and throughout his career has been responsible for many successful companies. Along the way, there have been many pivots and adventures. On this first episode of Season 2 of Chat with Champions, Jake takes…

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The importance of letting go as a leader: Ep 9 with Dheeraj Pandey

Dheeraj Pandey is the co-founder and CEO of Nutanix, one of the private billion-dollar unicorns of Silicon Valley. In this episode, which closes out this first season of Chat with Champions, Dheeraj talks about his start in the technology business and about founding Nutanix, choosing an initial market, the importance of company culture, letting go as…

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Having passion for the problem: Ep 8 with Max Levchin

Max Levchin is a serial entrepreneur with a long list of credits to his name, including being co-founder of PayPal, chairman of Yelp, board member of  Yahoo, and is currently involved in two exciting companies, Affirm, where he serves as CEO, and Glow, where he serves as chairman. In this podcast, Max talks about hiring the right…

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The big fish and little fish of leadership: Ep 7 with Marten Mickos

Marten Mickos is the newly announced CEO of bug bounty platform HackerOne.  Marten, a native of Finland, is a proven CEO; he led the iconic open source database company MySQL, and later worked for Sun Microsystems after their acquisition of that company. He then led cloud software company Eucalyptus Systems, which was acquired by HP. He has also served on…

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